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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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The Final Crushing of American Liberty

Could the U.S. become a police state? It could… And it will… That’s the message from this week’s expert, Bill Bonner Letter coauthor Dan Denning. In what Dan calls “the final crushing of American liberty,” the surveillance tactics America’s spies have been using against foreign adversaries for decades are about to be turned against U.S. citizens. And it all starts with the websites you use every day…

Four Simple Things You Should Do to Succeed In the Stock Market

Author Nassim Taleb calls it “the Bob Rubin Trade.”

Bob Rubin, you may remember, was Treasury Secretary during the Clinton Administration. He also worked for Citigroup from November 2007 to June 2009. For that stint, he received more than $120 million in compensation. When Citigroup went belly-up in the financial crisis and the Fed rescued it, Rubin didn’t give back any of his money.

Solving the World’s Food Problems…and Making 11 Times Our Money at the Same Time

They were each other’s nemesis.

Ironically, they both believed in the same, underlying problem: The world’s population was growing faster than the earth’s ability to feed it.

What they differed on was what to do about it.

William Vogt, an ecologist born in 1902, believed that if the world’s population continued to grow and consume at the pace expected, there would be devastation on a global scale. Mass starvations causing the death of untold hundreds of millions were forecast. A follower of Vogt, Paul Ehrlich, forecasted life expectancy in the U.S. to fall to 42 years of age by 1980 due to the use of pesticides.

Bill’s “State of the World” Second Quarter 2018 Podcast

Bill talks about the various pins that could burst this fake-money bubble, including spiralling deficits… and war. And we get an update on his recent real estate purchases in Ireland and Argentina…

Keep Your Crypto Powder Dry (for Now)

We’re long-term bullish on cryptos… But with bitcoin down 60% from its December peak, the trend is not your friend right now in the crypto market. And according to this week’s expert, legendary speculator Doug Casey, that means keeping your crypto powder dry… for now, at least.

The Offending Truth

Within the space of 24 hours, two friends – one in Buenos Aires and one in São Paulo – urged us to pay attention to what they described as “the hottest thing on the internet.”