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Saturday, 17 March 2018

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Will’s Family Matters

Will Dad Invest in a Movie for My Actress Sister?

With the family at home in Baltimore for New Year’s Eve we finally had our Family Council meeting. We met at a restaurant – a greasy spoon down the street from our house. The main focus of the meeting was some new assets that Dad had transferred into the family trust. These are primarily shares of the family business.

Should You Adopt More Capable Family Members?

At the start of the new year many people write out their goals and make plans for what they want to accomplish over the next 12 months. Yesterday, my Dad said he was making plans for the “rest of his life.” I’m not really sure what he meant by that, but I guess he’s setting more long-term goals.

Use These Strategies to Teach Your Kids Money Skills

In response to last week’s Family Matters a fellow member shared a great strategy he used to help his son learn to be smart with money. In fact, Dad and I liked this idea so much, we asked Emma to post it the Club Room.

How to Make Your Kids Smart About Money

As I said last week, we got some great ideas from fellow members at the first annual Family Wealth Investing Forum at Rancho Santana in Nicaragua. I learned a lot. Two strategies for teaching kids about money stuck out for me. So, I’d like to share those with other members…

Get Started… Get Organized… Get Going

We held our first annual Family Wealth Investing Forum last week at Rancho Santana on the beautiful Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Members traveled from the U.S., Europe and Australia to be with us. Some of them brought along their children.

Thanksgiving at the Bonner House

Our family is getting together tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving. All my brothers and sisters will be there. My own family is coming up from Florida. My grandmother will be there. And my aunt’s family, including four of our cousins, is coming too. We’re going to have a full house…