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Saturday, 20 January 2018

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Analyzing Yourself for Success

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    Hi, I’m Joanne Stern, Strategic Partner for Bonner & Partners in the area of Family Governance and Family Relationships. I’ll be adding posts to the Club Room and would love to have your input. I invite you to join in the conversations.

    Here’s the first post.

    I’ve been consulting with a middle aged man who has lost 60% to 70% of his net worth in the last few years due to the recession, a divorce and some poor business decisions. Sadly, it is not an unusual story but, certainly, one we all want to avoid. My client is reassessing his life in order to start again.

    Self-reflection is always a good strategy in your business, family and personal life. It helps to know where the problems may occur and also where opportunities lie. The SWOT analysis has been used for years in business. You can also use it to analyze your personal challenges, your family relationships or issues that arise in your professional life. I often suggest that clients apply it to themselves because keeping a current update of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (to your goals) gives you a leg up on reaching success.

    Check out the attached SWOT analysis. I’d love to know your thoughts and how it is helpful to you.

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