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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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Apple or Exxon?

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    Emma Walsh

    Are investors right to value tech giant Apple over energy giant ExxonMobile? Based on an expected 0.9% annual increase in crude oil production over the next decade, the model predicts that crude oil prices will nearly double over the same period. And energy return for energy invested (EROI) is falling, as oil and gas become more expensive to get out of the ground. Are investors mispricing this risk? Or do alternative energy sources mean global growth will continue uninterrupted?


    Regarding the production of Oil & Gas coming in the near future, my information is quite different than yours. I don’t mean to be shocking but,hear goes: the USA , because of Frecking plus technologies, now has over 100 years of Oil and Gas Supply under ground and accessable in the US. Obama has done his best to suppress this info. heretofore.
    It’s too much to describe here but please call me and I will fill you in. All of the above is not hype. I’m retired but had previously run my R&D Engineering Co. for ~45 years. My name is Anthony Montalbano, my Cell# is 904-239 2254
    Please call and I will tell you what I can.


    IMy friend, and I truely mean my friend; I’m 76 years old and very little shocks me , I am aware that fracking has been around ;many years, howsomever, as they say in Flla. there are additional breakthroughs that have great;y enhanced the fracking process. — I have no “ax to grind” I am only interested in being helpful wherever I can,
    The fact that there are several new patents which enable a drill head, 2 miles down, to make a 90 degree turn and run another few miles is one. Second; There is a new Patent for using LP (Liquid Petroleum) pumped down at high pressure to do the fracking then pumped out with the new Gas is in prototype operation.
    I have 2 sons who now run my business and I have patents for my previous clients which number somewhere between 45-50—- but I’m always ready to learn. God Bless, Thanks ,Anthony Montalbano

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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