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Thursday, 18 January 2018

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China: Is the Boom Sustainable?

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    Emma Walsh

    China is supposed to be the “engine of growth” for the global economic recovery. And the pace of growth there affects a variety of asset classes – most notably commodities. Chinese growth has started to slow. How hard and how fast it is slowing is the subject of much debate. Is it going to be a hard landing or a soft landing? Is it heading the way of Japan in the early 1990s? Or is it about to become the world’s biggest economy and the next global superpower?

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    I remember reading some time back when the growth in China was in double figures that they needed a growth of no less than 8% just to maintain a status quo, is their any truth in that ?



    CLIVE R.

    Rob…My point is not to worry too much about China. It probably has the best large economy in the world today.

    Is this from the Chinese Ministry of Disinformation? or did it come from the directors of Chaoda? J

    I guess it depends on the definition of “best”.

    Which will collapse first, China or Europe? I think it may be Europe. The Chinese are less squeamish about suppressing trouble. One is likely to affect the other in a world wide reckoning.

    I think Bill is right. Hold on to US $ cash and then borrow as much as possible from the banks in the next few years. A big 30 year fixed mortgage is a simple middle class way to do it. After that, inflation will reduce the cost of the loans, or as Bill says, “Don’t pay it back”. That would be soooo nice. Very good thinking, Bill. This is a much better call than expecting Japan to be first out of debtor’s prison. J

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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