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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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colored diamond investing

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    does anyone have thoughts/experience in investing in colored diamonds?

    started by Kai Narayan


    CLIVE R.

    Harry Oppenheimer had a collection of them. He picked them off the sorting tables on the top floor of the Anglo building in Johannesburg. They are beautiful… delicate colors, blue, pink, lime green, with the prismatic color of diamonds. He “gave” my grandmother a green. I suspect my grandfather paid a lot for it. When I sold it, it was worth a little.
    Diamonds are perfect when you buy them, flawed when you sell them. In good times they are expensive. In bad times they are hard to sell, but they are good for moving assets if you can find a buyer in your new country. They are a hard asset and easier to swallow than gold. My Mother was squeamish so she dipped her blue white diamond earrings in paint… well blue of course, wore them right through emigration. J



    If you are able to hang-on to the colored diamonds for at least 10 years, the ever-increasing scarcity coupled with worldwide increasing demand ‘WILL’ comfortably outpace similiar investments in precious metals. Make sure that you purchase only GIA Certified natural-colored diamonds at the high-end of the grading spectrum. Sourcing and sales must be done internationally through a long-standing reputable dealer specializing in colored diamonds such as Pastor Geneve (PG Services) in Geneva, Switzerland. If you abide by these guidelines you will never lose money and the financial well-being of your descendents will be guaranteed which is a far cry from being over-exposed to the violent fluctuations in any of the international equity markets.


    DAVID K.

    Dear All,

    Collectibles make up 3 – 5% of my portfolio.
    Coloured diamonds (rare high end) and stamps (latter through Stanley Gibbons).
    Both historically have appreciated over 10% YOY going many years back.
    Good diversification in my view and forces one to save with an over 10 year horizon.



    Anyone have any experience with Mercantile Diamond Group out of Toronto?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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