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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

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Doug Casey’s development in Argentina

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    Has anyone visited Doug’s development in NW Argentina? It seems like an interesting place but a bit pricey for just several weeks a year. Is anyone interested in sharing a house there?


    THE E.

    I own a house there, in fact was the first owner to move in, part time. I now rent the house, on and off, when not there myself.

    Ginny Biddle


    JOHN W.

    Hello Larry: I am interested in sharing, I have never been there because i thought the price was too high for me personaly. i am a canadian and a athiest, depending on the price involved i am somewhat interested in exploring the idea if you have something in mind. Regards Jack Wallas Barrie Ontario.


    TED H.

    I own a lot there, but haven’t built on it yet. I suspect that when I do we’ll spend 3-4 months a year there and rent it the rest of the time.


    TED H.

    Just went down to Chile to check out Simon Black’s proposed “resilient community” there. It’s also pricey and much smaller than Cafayate. However, it’s a very nice area (Talca is the closest city) and there is lots of good quality farmland available in the district. A number of gringos are just buying their own farms near the SB Rescom/Talca and doing their own thing.


    DOUG T.

    If you were going to build, would it be Argentina or Chile?
    Didn’t Bonner also mention something about Ecuador on this site as being a place they were looking to develop? I really want to check all of them out at some point in the next year.


    TED H.

    Argentina. LEC is well-developed and quite a comfortable place. Simon’s farm in Argentina is still pretty much an unknown. In fact we are pretty well along in our house design for LEC.


    TED H.

    Oops, I meant Simon’s place in CHILE.

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