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Monday, 22 January 2018

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Euro Crisis

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    DALE D.

    Given the upcoming Euro Crisis and the possibility of Bernanke printing money to back the Euro Crisis, it seems like there is a possibility that both the Euro and Dollar will be devalued as the Euro Crisis unfolds. If that is the direction the larger economy takes, would it make sense to move money into other currencies? Any thoughts…….



    I’ve been thinking about this myself, and I don’t have any satisfactory answer. I happen to think the US dollar is going to self-destruct, so I’ve been trying to imagine what will take its place. I used to think that the Swiss Franc would be safe, but the Swiss central bank killed that idea. It seems that all governments are in a “race to debase”.

    Gold and silver seem to be an option… but converting it to whatever will replace $ and € might raise eyebrows… and it might not be “liquid” enough. More importantly, what will be the most discreet ? (I’m a big fan and believer of the value of “How not to be seen” by Monty Python.)

    Sorry – no answers here, merely thoughts. Perhaps someone else has an answer…



    I have thought the the Euro and the Dollar are doomed for some time and have been amazed at how the central banks have kept the party going. It is a clear case of the Emperor has no clothes for both currencies. I personally think that the Euro is declining a little faster and expect it to go first to be followed by the Dollar – the problem is time frame, how long can they keep it going with QE3, etc. Gold and silver are obvious and then anything else you think might have value. I have seen parallels to the 30’s with USA as Britain and China as the USA. That would make the Yuan of interest, but the problem is that the financials in China are suspect so the value of companies are as well and the value of the currency. Doesn’t leave much for currency options.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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