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Saturday, 20 January 2018

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FAMILY VALUES-owning them, keeping them alive.

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    Most discussions around planned governance touch on the ‘soft’ component of VALUES. With family firms/offices the focus is often on the legacy/intentions/endowment/character/uniqueness of the (late) founder. Families have a dynamic of their own, and no 2 families are alike. This rules out a scientific approach (using statistics). Advisors will often treat values as aspirational (wishes) and as trainable…In my opinion values are dynamic and created by labour/struggle/endurance/idealism etc. over time and can be seen as ’emerging properties’. Memories and specific practices/rituals reveal the specific family values and are kept alive so they endure over time.
    QUESTION: has anyone/ any family had experience along these lines? How did you keep a memory alive and kept making it ‘fit for purpose’?
    William Romeyn



    Regarding keeping memories alive, my Dad provided 2 phenominal gifts before he passed. First was a book on his life – not the greatest writer, But I learned more about him and especially what was important to him that surely may not be as important to others. Nevertheless I realize where lots of my values and drive/direction come from. The other was that he made DVD’s of all the 8mm and super 8mm films he had made. So for the first time I got to see my parents right after they got married, and all the family gatherings/trips etc. THis also reflected what was important to Dad.

    These gifts cover decades and my 2 brothers and I are in a position to reiterate the values and pass them on to our offspring. How to keep making it fit for purpose? Identify those values which I learned from Dad and be sure the rest of my family understand where it came from.

    Jeff SIebert


    DAVID D.

    For my family, my father created an institution that influenced not only the disparate elements of our family, permeating them with his exceedingly beneficial values, but by its very nature carried those values to numerous other families.

    In this way his legacy and the values that attach to them have the ability to become perpetual. This is saying something in as much as my particular branch of the family dies with my sister and myself. we both have daughters, so while our blood will be coursing in their progeny, our name, most likely, will not.

    LIkewise, the responsibility and desireability of carrying his legacy and values forward to now a third generation has ben taken up by those, much more capable than I, that have enjoyed the benefits of taking up the challenge of seeking to understand what those values are all about and how they apply in the real world.

    The legacy? That the critically important task of educating our young is about much more than academics. That developing young people into competent, capable, confident, and critically thinking adults means exposing them to many elements of the world around them so that they can come to observe, evaluate, and respond to it more effectively. For my father, this included learning to live in and understand the natural world.

    I won’t go into the benefits of wilderness education here, though I will note that it isn’t for everybody. But for those of you who already understand what wilderness education can do for young people (Or, heck, what wilderness travel can do for adults healthy enough to participate.), or those wishing to learn more, I strongly ecourage and invite othe members to visit the Not-For–Profit http://www.darrowcamp.org

    Perhaps the institution that my father built can become central to the nourishment and nurturing of the values of B&P members families for generations to come.

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