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Saturday, 20 January 2018

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Fixed for a long time mortgage

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    CLIVE R.

    you can also finance at once-in-a-lifetime low rates…fixed…for a long time

    This is a very appealing idea from Bill for buying real estate. The trouble is that I would like to find a bank or institution that will give the long term loan.

    Does anyone know how to do that short of pointing a gun at the banker?

    If I were a bank, I would give a 5 year fixed loan, adjustable every year after that. The banker would have to point the gun at me to take that loan.

    I would like to buy a unit in a co-housing complex of twenty nine homes plus a Common House and an office building. We have a hundred acres of farm land and an energetic young farmer who needs housing. I would like to buy a unit to offer for rental to the farmer.

    I bought into this complex three years ago because of the farm land and the high quality buildings instead of buying gold as a hedge. I needed somewhere to live and had no property. This was more expensive than buying a distressed unit in FL but I think the value is better.




    This isn’t a reply exactly, more and endorsement of the question. we are Brits, living in france, French tax residents, looking to buy a property here at some point. Looking long term (the longer the better) loan , probably in Euros, with the potential to secure against an investment portfolio in a life insurance wrapper (Luxumbourg based). All input welcome!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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