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Monday, 22 January 2018

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Generation screwed and Jobless Recoveries

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    In a society with ever increasing technological capabilities and an uninhibited energy source supplying those technologies, leverage is virtually unlimited. What takes 100 people to deliver as a consumable product this year, takes 98 people next year, and so it goes. You don’t make it up on volume because the same 100 workers deliver 100 or 100 million widgets with equal alacrity. That is where we are headed. It is an in between state of affairs at the moment. We still have our Foxconns with lots of workers, but those will go away as well. The historical straight line projection crowd will insist that there will be new things we cannot even imagine now, that will keep up the pace of ever increasing employment. As a technologist more than amply familiar with where we are heading, I can only say enjoy the perceptions you have while you have them. We are in an indefinitely long upward trend of structural unemployment.

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