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Sunday, 21 January 2018

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    John Birch

    I am a retired Australian medical practitioner with an e-commerce MODEL that compliments a unique approach to leveraging the central core of any e-Health solution,the medical record.The EMR . The EMR partner platform business is mature and revenue generating,so tech costs are essentially sunk. It aligns the stakeholders in a way no other EMR does to my knowledge. To benefit from the genetics R&D revolution essential for personalised medicine ….this is it! The distinctly separate but connected MODEL and transaction platform aims to generate money from any and all health related transactions, potentially capturing a global market across all individuals,business, industry sectors and governments .It aims to exploit the sharing philosophy and has complete solutions for connectivity,communication ,privacy and security. Do I have your interest?…Bill BONNER? Investors? Potential > Ali Baba, Amazon etc
    Dr John Birch

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