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Sunday, 21 January 2018

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David Stockman on How to Profit in the Coming “Crack-Up” Phase

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    Emma Walsh

    Bonner & Partners Investor Network‘s Chris Hunter recently published a fascinating interview with Washington insider turned financial iconoclast and truth-teller David Stockman.

    Stockman believes we’re already in the “crack up phase” of the Fed-driven asset price boom. He shares with Investor Network readers the four things he believes will shape the economy and the markets:

    i) Even more extreme policies, based on more incoherent theories, from central bankers as they try to back their way out of the corner they now find themselves in.
    ii) More “drunken sailor” market volatility.
    iii) Commodity price deflation as central-bank driven “overinvestment” comes home to roost.
    iv) Debt levels will peak, relative to the comparatively minimal rise in GDP.

    And what does David recommend readers do to protect themselves from this pending crack up?
    a) Capital preservation
    b) Have cash on hand when the next crisis fully materializes
    c) Be ready to take advantage of the impending asset price volatility

    David left readers with two key pieces of advice:
    1) Deploy discretionary cash to short massively overvalued “darling” stocks
    2) Buy gold.

    Read the full interview here.

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