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Sunday, 21 January 2018

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    Emma Walsh

    Internships have had a hugely positive impact on Bill’s kids careers. We want your kids or grandkids to have similar opportunities. So, if you are looking for an internship for a family member… or if you have a business that could make use of interns from other members’ families… please let your fellow members know by responding here.


    TED H.

    We could probably create an internship position on our business. What is needed and expected of an employer? What do you do to “create” an internship?


    Emma Walsh

    Agora has an internship program (with the possibility of free housing for the intern) in Baltimore. Our internships can be paid or unpaid/for school credit and the start and end time is flexible based on the needs of the manager and the intern’s schedule. Some of our star employees started out as interns. For more information, contact Agora’s recruiting manager Amanda Datson: adatson@agorapublishinggroup.com


    RANDY L.

    I have 2 boys, 18 & 20, that both write for blogs as freelance employees of a tech company. The oldest is at Master’s College in CA and is a Sr. as of this semester and the younger is at University of NC at Wilmington, Honors College. He is a first semester Jr…..I think.

    Anyway, they are both business majors (finance & entrepreurship). I have forwarded this info to them. I would like them to get internship experience. Contact me off line if anyone is interested and I will forward resume’s. I have given so little here about them and they are both honorable and hardworking young men.



    My 20 year-old daughter is a sophomore in bio-medical engineering at the University of Rochester – and is applying to internships in “molecular biology, biomedical engineering, anything in that domain”.

    I sent her the internship topic from Will – and she responded as quoted above. So if any one has any leads, or internships available in these fields, I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks !



    My 23yo daughter, Hannah, is a Brisbane, Australia, based photographer. She has a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) and Arts (International and Global Studies & Fashion) and is currently completing her final year of a Diploma of Photo Imaging.

    Hannah has experience working in human resources and is currently working as a freelance photographer. Her photography experience includes weddings, conferences, fashion, and portraiture.

    Hannah is seeking to extend her professional network and further develop her skills as a photographer through work experience or internship.

    I own a law firm with offices in most States of Australia so may be able to reciprocate .


    JAY V.

    This is certainly an excellent suggestion. My own future was well served by an internship in the last year of my college education. The experience determined my path.

    My youngest daughter is still in high school. So her turn will come. The 2 older ones are long out of college, still single, they studied communication (journalism – excellent students) and are now dance teachers. I told them to follow their heart in choosing their work. They are happy.

    Now we discuss how to prepare them for the Family Office duties, strategies, tactics, safeguards, etc (help!)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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