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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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Introducing New Members-Only Meetings

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    Beth Ketzner here – your concierge. When we host our annual members-only meetings, attendees tell us that the best part of the experience is meeting with and networking with fellow members. So, we’ve decided to start hosting casual get-togethers in cities in the US. These will allow you to meet with fellow members more regularly. If this is something you’d be interested in, let us know by continuing this conversation. Tell us what city would be most convenient for you.


    DALE D.

    Hi Beth – i think this is a great idea. San Francisco, CA would be the most convenient for me. Thanks. //Dale



    As an attendee at the November 2013 Rancho Santana annual gathering, I fully agree that the private networking not only with members but also privately with the presenters was rewarding and comforting as well. The psychology of meetings with a lecture stand in front and audience sitting in rows facing the front does not provide a comfort zone for questions and participation. Seats in a circle like at meals opened up people to share very private thoughts and experiences. Jumping into a group informally gathering at breaks was far more personal and enlightening then lectures, however well intended. So having gatherings with an experienced family legacy leader in various cities could keep the momentum going year-round. For Carolyn and I, Austin, San Antonio would be great, or even flying up to Dallas would be great. -Norm Long


    LARRY L.

    Nashville is centrally located for about 80% of the population and is a pretty fun town. Dallas is a bit closer for us and it has good flights.
    Larry LaBorde



    I think it is a great idea. Either Los Angeles or Phoenix would be convenient for me (I split my time between the two). Both have a weather advantage (well Phoenix does 7 months out of the year), which makes outdoor planning easier Perhaps a winter get together in either locale would work for members.


    CHRIS R.

    Dallas would be a good location.
    -Chris Ronan


    HENSE E.

    Dallas is a good idea, but Austin would be even better. Not quite as large but it’s a city big on Texas charm, BBQ, Bluebell ice cream, and Shiner beer. 😉

    Another ideal place is Destin, Florida, a terrific beach-side resort town, with sandy white beaches and the best fresh gulf seafood on the planet. Sandestin resort is an option for accommodations, but there are many others. See http://www.cityofdestin.com/ and

    http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=destin+florida&qpvt=destin+florida&FORM=IGRE along with


    HRE II



    Please check out our “Members-Only Meetings” page for listings of 4 new social get-togethers: February 19 in Baltimore, May 14 in Dallas, July 23 in San Francisco and Sept 17 in Chicago. Thank you for your suggestions! Beth, your Concierge!


    DOUG T.

    Dallas would best fit my schedule.


    BO S.

    Anywhere in SC. Lower state has the coast and real BBQ, mid-state has rest stops and the upper state has the foothills leading to the Blue Ridge Mountains. As the Bonners have experienced in Aiken, there is still some good southern hospitality in existence. Many great places on the coast and foothills (check out Hotel Domestique).


    JAY V.

    Phoenix is my stomping grounds, so I naturally prefer it. But perhaps I can participate in one of the other venues. Austin and San Francisco sound like fun spots.

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