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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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Platinum and paladium

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    What do you think about platinum and paladium for investment as well as gold, Etf’s, and gold complanies?
    I think if the government trys to take away gold from us we would still have platnum and paladium. Also the chinese do not have as many cars as we do in the USA so these will be necessary in the future.


    RITA H.

    You could (1) Buy platinum 1 oz coins – You could try The Tulving Company coin dealer and speak to Hans. I like them a lot and for gold and silver too.
    (2) You could buy the ETF PPLT for physical platinum.
    (3) You could put yourself on the mailing list of Stillwater Mining Company, the only USA miner of both platinum and palladium. I made 100% profit on my shares with them and then they tanked badly and could now possibly be an opportunity.
    (4) Remember the gold ETF’s such as GLD are still a paper product but a lot of very wealthy people own them. Maybe that should be a comfort? You can take delivery of the gold if you own enough shares in GLD, but the figure is a large one. The worry is that if a lot of people /institutions start taking delivery that there would not be enough gold and the shares would tank. There is not enough clarity in my view. The Canadian ETF CEF might be safer but it is approx. half gold and half silver – do not buy if the NAV is over 5%. Then there is the GTU – which is gold but does not go up as much as the GLD.
    You can compare charts.
    (5) BGEIX is a global fund. Tocqueville fund you already know about. John Hathaway at Tocqueville is getting on in age.
    The miner ETF GDX gives you ownership of gold and silver in the ground and I believe is very good and I own it.
    I personally like to spread my precious metals money around.
    The Swiss Katonal Bank runs gold and silver ETF’s. I can get you the tickers if you want them.
    I will stick my neck out and say it might be a good idea to buy your coins with cash from your local coin shop – in small quantities so as not to make a “paper trail”.
    I am a mining wife. My husband launched the SLV (the Silver ETF).
    All the best,
    Rita Hulley


    JOE B.

    Platinum is said to be sixty times rare’er than gold, but this 60:1(60 oz of gold for every 1oz platinum) was in use before 1975. That’s an important year to Platinum investors, miners, and most important to the end user,”Anybody that’s bought a new or used automobile” in the US from 1975 to present. Platinum along with palladium, and as the years have past,all known PGM’s or Platinum Group Metals, along with H & L-Rare Earth Elements, are used in the manufacturing of Catalytic Converter’s.
    Today, Platinum may be 120 times rare’er than Gold(120:1), thanks too company’s like, Brown Recycling Mfg, founded in 1978, and still ran today by my father, that 90% of PGM’S used in the automotive industry, are recovered and reused. But theres a lot of different industry’s that use Platinum in large amounts, that are never recovered, putting heavy demand on mines to produce more oz’s, but the price of platinum per oz, have been kept low for over 8 months

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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