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Friday, 19 January 2018

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Unusual Property For Sale in Eastern Maine.

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    DAVID D.

    My sister and I, who spent our youths summering on this island (lakefront), own this spectacular wilderness property that no longer meets the needs of our families. Due to its remoteness, and unusual nature, we can’t find a Real Estate Broker who will handle it. So we are marketing it ourselves, and the B&P community is getting the first look at it. I’ve put up a website to describe this complex property in detail, at: http://www.thebirches.us I encourage members to visit the site and check back as we update with more photos and other information as we go along and discover what’s needed.

    This property definitely isn’t for everybody, but I’m confident that there is somebody for whom it’s a perfect place to build a legacy as rich as the legacy it delivered to my family.

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