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Saturday, 20 January 2018

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Will’s Stansberry promotions…opinions??

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    ZANE N.

    I have noticed a number of emailed “promos’ from Will Bonner about Stansberry’s “AMAZING” investment returns.
    Has anyone investigated these products in any depth?
    I would be very interested to hear of member’s opinions (both positive and negative).


    FRANK D.

    Yes. Can you ask more specific question?


    TED H.

    I have subscribed to a number of Stansberry newsletters for many years. What exactly do you want to know?


    Emma Walsh

    Reply from fellow Bonner & Partners member:
    I’ve been a member of Stansberry’s “Private Wealth Alliance” (which offers lifetime subscriptions to a number of their publications for a single fixed fee) for some time now. There’s no doubt about the quality of their research – it’s excellent and in my view, this subscription is worth it for the educational content alone, which is outstanding

    As I understand it, Stansberry & Associates is an associated company of Bill’s holding company, Agora Publications, though I don’t know the exact relationship. This explains the joint marketing, but it doesn’t concern me, as Stansberry’s research is all proprietary.

    As I see it, there are four major differences between these entities: First, Stansberry offers mostly US-focussed research. Their coverage of international markets is limited to a few US-listed ETFs that are seen more as speculations than as core holdings. Second, the sheer quantity of research from Stansberry’s portfolio of publications is amazing. My PWA membership gives me seven separate publications, plus a number of periodic special reports, so I have to be quite selective to make sense of it all. Third, Stansberry also offers a number of trading publications (to which I don’t subscribe), but which do, I believe, have a great track record of success in the options markets. I think it’s these to which Will’s promo refers. I don’t subscribe because I don’t want to be a trader. Fourth, it’s worth mentioning that Stansberry’s presentational style is quite different from that in Bonner & Partners. If you ever watch the BBC’s wildlife programmes, I would say that the difference in style between Stansberry & Bonner is the same as the difference between the wide-eyed, arm-waving enthusiasm of a Steve Irwin vs the silken-voiced commentary of a David Attenborough. Both are informative, both educational, but you get more of the wide-eyed, arm-waving long promotional videos from Steve Irwin. You do have the delete button, though.


    FRANK D.

    As an alliance member I have been following most all of their services for many
    years. They have my highest recommendation. I am also doing my own trading
    using covered call selling and what stansberry calls the alpha trade. Both work
    very well in a flat or uptrending maket. Anyone who wants to follow my trades
    can email me at frankdickens@yahoo.com. We can use a family office recommended
    stock CCJ if you would prefer.

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