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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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    Updates I found on investor hub for Chaoda. Any partners considering buying more as an “option” play?

    See below for link to Annual meeting board votes…Chaoda authorized buying back unlimited shares


    Their Chairman was elected to a government post for agriculture…would this happen is the company was still in a “state of disgrace?”

    The Chairman Kwok Ho has been Elected as the First Vice President of China’s Agriculture Industrialization Leading Enterprises Association

    On 27th November, China’s Association of Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization held its founding conference in the Great Hall of the People, with Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, Minister of Ministry of Agriculture Han Changfu and other leaders in attendance. Mr. Kwok Ho, chairman of Chaoda Modern Agriculture, was elected as the first vice president of China’s Association of Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization.


    In Chaoda’s greentimes blog World brands give a surprising enterprise value for Chaoda:

    Greentimes Vol. 50:


    World Brand Labs values Chaoda’s brand at RMB 16.9 Billion up $1.18 Billion from 2011

    Stephen Fraser

    in reply to: Managed futures #17950


    I put about 10% of my retirement (tax advantaged IRA) account into a managed commodity options account two years ago. This account only SELLS out of the money options and never purchases options. The idea is to pick strike prices far enough from the current price so they will expire worthless to the buyer and you pocket the premium. The idea is to hit a lot of singles but no home runs. The company is Liberty Trading group (www.libertytradinggroup.com/). The managing partner James Cordier wrote a book a few years ago that was reviewed in the WSJ and I read it. The book is, “The Complete Guide to Option Selling”, 2nd Edition (McGraw-Hill 2009) By James Cordier and Michael Gross. My thinking when I decided to try this was to have another investment category that was not dependent on the stock market.

    How has it performed…ok but I’m not ahead yet. The first year was great and I was up about 35%, then last fall with the dip in the markets I lost that 35% and then 30% more! Very frustrating as I thought this strategy was less volatile. Anyway, as of this month I’m back to where I started. Historically, this firm averages about 25% a year. As I don’t need this money for a while I’m leaving it be for now though its tempting to cash out and buy more precious metals. For what its worth the firm believes that volatile markets are perfect for this strategy as even out of the money strike prices have high premiums.

    It helps to free your IRA before you do something out of the box like this and I would recommend doing that first.

    Good luck.

    Stephen Fraser

    in reply to: Gold Storage and Investment Options #27203


    The Toronto “SafeBox” option sounds interesting. As this is a privately owned piece of real estate Not associated with a financial institution, would it be reportable to the IRS? I don’t think anyone wishes to break the law but would this be a private loophole in the new USA reporting requirements? any knowledge would be much appreciated.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)