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Sunday, 20 May 2018

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100 Times More Dangerous to Your Wealth Than Greece

Greece is a total mess right now… but investors panic-selling U.S. stocks aren’t thinking straight. Greece’s banks are closed to stop people from pulling out their money. Its stock market is closed to stem any further price falls. And the yield on 10-year Greek government debt is touching on 15%.

Why Greece Is Not the New Lehman Brothers

Greece’s financial system is under lockdown… Instead of reaching an eleventh hour deal with its creditors, as I expected, Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras has decided to put the demands of the country’s creditors to a popular vote.

Investors Are “Walking into a Trap”

When Playboy models start bragging about their day-trading gains, you know the market is starting to get frothy… “I love trading. I can wake up and make sure I can make money and still pay my rent,” 28-year-old Playboy model Kennedy Summers recently told financial news outfit Business Insider.

The First Improvement in Money in 5,000 Years

Today… Bill on what he believes is the first real improvement in money in 5,000 years. And why “cryptocurrencies” such as Bitcoin may be even better than gold for readers interested in avoiding the monetary calamity Bill sees coming. But first a look at the big stories moving the markets…

Top Bond Manager – It’s Time to Keep Cash Under the Mattress

Today… why one of Britain’s top bond fund managers is urging investors to keep cash under the mattress. He’s worried a “systematic” event could rock markets… and that it could be even bigger than 2008. But first… one of the longest financial cliff-hangers in history is set to end today.

The Most Important Price in the World (Especially if You Own Gold)

Today – the most important price in the world… and what it means for gold investors. But first… a quick heads-up on the highest conviction idea right now from our colleagues at Stansberry Research.