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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

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Will’s Family Matters

What Would You Like to Tell Your Great-Great-Grandchildren?

I’m going to level with you. It’s damn hard building a family fortune that lasts. This is how it goes for most families: A wealth creator creates a fortune. But he neglects his family. The family becomes dysfunctional. It breaks down. The family wealth is lost.

The Only Sure Way to Get Rich in Business

Last week, we looked at how to teach your children to use time to their advantage. They should do that by focusing on one single area of expertise. This way, their experience, knowledge and contacts compound over time. And this will allow them to make exponential returns in their niches.

Why the Rich Get Richer

This may be one of the most powerful success secrets that you could teach your kids: how to use time to their advantage. Time is a precious asset. Young people have a lot of it. They can put it to work and have it pay them huge dividends into the future. Or they can squander it. Most people do. Most people are up against it.

How to Leverage the Real Wealth of Your Family

Last week, we talked about another way to unscrew your kids: Teach them to concentrate their forces and leverage their time and effort. You want your children to have an advantage by knowing something better than others. You want them to stay focused on an area where they have a distinct advantage.

It’s All About Continuity

Here’s another way to unscrew your kids: teach them to concentrate their forces and leverage their time and effort. This is a military rule. But making money is competitive. It’s a big advantage to have discipline and to know something better than others.

Think Private Not Public

Today we continue our series on raising unconventional kids. As we’ve said, you want your children to become producers rather than consumers. You can help them do that by getting them to focus on private matters, not public ones.