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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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Will’s Family Matters

Raising Kids to Appreciate Money

Today’s essay is the third in a series about raising unconventional kids. When I say “unconventional” I don’t mean weird or wacky. Instead, unconventional kids succeed at life by finding happiness through meaningful work.

How to Raise Unconventional Kids, Part II

A major factor that determines how your kids turn out is the environment they grow up in… where they live… where they go to school. A conventional environment is likely to push your kids towards conventional ways of thinking.

How to Raise Unconventional Kids

Last week, we looked at how you can help “unscrew” your kids by teaching them to be producers rather than consumers. This isn’t easy. We live in a consumer-driven society. Your children are constantly barraged by messages – on TV… on radio… online… on their smart phones…

Teach Your Kids to Be Producers, Not Consumers

This essay is the second in a series about how to “unscrew” your kids and grandkids. How to rescue them, in other words, from the economic and fiscal mess that they’re going to find themselves in. The series is made up of eight principles of building wealth that my dad and I are working on.

Unscrew Your Kids, Part I

Last week, I wrote about “Generation Screwed” and the bleak economic outlook your kids and grandkids may have to contend with. Dad wrote about the same thing in his Strategic Outlook last week. So what can you do to help? One obvious move is to get capital in your kids’ hands the right way.

Generation Screwed

The Great Correction has hit young people the hardest. It’s something we’ve become increasingly concerned about at Bonner & Partners Family Office. Without a happy and prosperous next generation, family wealth will be difficult… maybe even impossible… to maintain.