An historic Bonner & Partners Family Office occasion: For the first time ever, the Global Partners’ Reunion and Family Workshop will take place in the United States.

Dear Family Office member,

Hello – it’s Will – with a big and timely announcement:

For the first time in Bonner & Partners Family Office history, we will hold the annual Global Partners’ Reunion in North America.

This summer, the reunion will take place in Baltimore Maryland, where my dad started his global publishing business thirty-five years ago.

You see, each past year, we held the Family Office’s pinnacle event at the family château in the French countryside…

But the trip to Europe unfortunately prevented some North American members and their families from attending.

So, after some of these members wrote in over the past few years, we decided to try something new this summer.

That’s why we’ll hold your 2015 Global Partners’ Reunion in the gorgeous Engineer’s Club in the historic Mount Vernon arts district of Baltimore.

A fully restored Gilded Age mansion, the Engineer’s Club has a compelling story of its own, which I’ll share in one moment…

For now, let’s go over the details of this year’s Global Partners’ Reunion.

Your special meeting, exclusively for BFO members, takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, June 3–5, 2015.

We’ll gather the Family Office team along with select strategic partners and outside experts to discuss the most crucial issues that face family wealth builders today.

There will be two parts to this members-only meeting: the Family Workshop and the Partners’ Reunion.

The Family Workshop takes place on Wednesday, June 3, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

And the Partners’ Reunion will happen on Thursday, June 4, and Friday, June 5, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days.

Your strategic partner Joanne Stern, Ph.D., runs the Family Workshop portion. We limit this to an even smaller group of member families to foster intimacy and preserve the privacy needed to discuss such important family matters.

Your fellow members often tell me that this segment provides them with a surprising level of insight on family preservation, cohesion and other vital issues.

I know my own family reaps huge benefits from our exposure to these valuable working sessions. They help us solve existing issues, prevent possible future problems and, most importantly, forge a working relationship so we can pursue our common and individual goals.

After all, it’s one thing to earn, protect and grow family wealth. But it’s another thing entirely to help build a family that’s capable of nurturing – and surviving – that wealth.

That said, the Partners’ Reunion portion, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, focuses on the wealth building and protection aspects of the family office project.

Here’s where Bonner & Partners inside analysts like Chris Hunter and Braden Copeland offer their present views on the markets at large. They’ll tie that in to the super-long-term family office wealth perspective.

In addition to hearing from Braden and Chris, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from some of our strategic partners and the noted outside investment experts that we’ve had the honor to invite.

In short, the Global Partners’ Reunion isn’t a simple add-on to your membership… nor is it another general investment “conference” that you might be familiar with.

Rather, it’s a combination of helpful, urgent information on both the family and the wealth sides of the family wealth equation…

It’s an intimate venue in which you can spend time with experts and families with a position similar to your own. Folks who have the same aim as you: to build a family and family wealth that can flourish over multiple generations.

Meeting like-minded people behind closed doors could be the most important benefit… so the reunion’s also designed as an intimate social occasion.

For that reason, we keep the number of attendees very low, limited to less than 10% of our Bonner & Partners Family Office member base.

So you’ll want to RSVP today if you choose to attend the 2015 Reunion.

What’s more, we’re excited to hold the first Global Partners’ Reunion in North America. This way, the journey to France won’t be an obstacle to your attendance…

A captivating landmark from Baltimore’s Golden Age: the origin of the Engineer’s Club

Let’s travel back to the 1850s, a bustling era for a Baltimore that lacked any repressive income tax or stringent social conscience. Our story begins with a young lady…

Descended from Sir John Leardley, a renowned 17th-century Virginia governor, Mary Frick’s pale, brunette beauty stunned the Baltimore high-society scene.

At 21 years of age, she married Robert Garrett, who would later become the president of the ultra-successful Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

They received the mansion in the above picture as a wedding present from the Garrett family. Mrs. Frick Garrett became the ultimate hostess in the swinging late-19th-century Baltimore upper crust. Finally, after 24 years of marriage, Mr. Garrett died of kidney failure in 1896.

At this point, Mary Frick Garrett held a net worth of $20 million. In today’s money, that works out to a sizable $480 million fortune. Six years later, she married her husband’s longtime physician, the Mayflower descendant Dr. Henry Jacobs.

Mrs. Frick Garrett Jacobs traveled the world and entertained with lavish balls. She built a children’s hospital, a nurse’s school, tuberculosis clinics and mountain retreats for sick kids and their parents.

She also amassed a large, unique art collection, which she later donated to the Baltimore Museum of Art.

At the age of 85, she died, leaving a sizable estate and no heirs. Years later, the Baltimore Engineer’s Club bought her family mansion, and they still operate it as a national historic landmark.

You can see the old-money vein running through the story of the Engineer’s Club property.

And those old-money connections make it a fitting place to hold this year’s first-ever Global Partners’ Reunion on American soil.

To my mind, it’s the perfect North American counterpart to our family château in France, where we’ve held the previous reunions.

The Bonner family has strong ties to this neighborhood in Baltimore.

In fact, the Engineer’s Club sits right across the leafy park from another historic Baltimore mansion my dad bought and renovated more than two decades ago. And Dad’s office window looks right out on the Club.

And we plan to hold a cocktail reception in this building, so you can see Agora’s headquarters in person.

Now, why don’t we get down to the specific details and scheduled speakers you’ll meet at this event…

Your select roster of family unity and family wealth experts: presenting from June 3 to 5, 2015

As I said, Joanne Stern will conduct the Family Workshop on Wednesday, June 3.

This year she’ll focus on this theme: “Your Emerging Family: In-Laws, Outlaws and Other Challenges of Adult Children.”

In the workshop, she’ll facilitate in-depth discussion of the challenges that can arise within a wealthy multigenerational family. Many issues can sprout up as your kids grow older and start their own families, bringing spouses and grandchildren into the mix.

The big risk here is not in those issues themselves – because they will arise in any growing family. The risk is in being unprepared when they do arise, because not handling them well can end in the demise of the family’s unity and the family’s wealth.

Joanne will outline the Family Council and how it can become a common forum for your family to solve potential problems early, before they have a chance to do big damage.

To make sure your family gets the most out of this workshop, you can have a private consultation with Joanne ahead of time. That way, you can arrange for specific topics to be discussed. After all, every family’s unique and has its own strengths and internal issues.

On Thursday and Friday, we’ll hold the Global Partners’ Reunion.

This two-day segment will focus on the wealth side of the family office mission. We’ll feature prominent outside experts in addition to our regular cast of strategic partners and members of the Bonner & Partners team.

We’ve assembled an exceptional roster of world-class speakers this year:

  • Dan Ferris will use his proven method of deep-value stock analysis to present an opportunity that you can feel safe buying now and holding for decades. He’ll also give a presentation on “how to recognize a great company,” which will give you a peek into his philosophy of buying cheap and holding forever…
  • Dan Denning plans to present a global macro picture that can help inform your family’s overall wealth outlook. His strategic big-picture view will wrap up what’s happening now with the long- and medium-term views…
  • Chris Mayer will share his latest “special situation” selected by his proprietary value-based CODE system. Chris was a big hit at last year’s reunion in France, so we’re excited to welcome him back in 2015.

And you’ll also hear from the core Bonner & Partners team:

  • Building Wealth’s Braden Copeland will offer a strategic plan you can use to evaluate the stock portion of your wealth allocation, along with a safe growth play that you can consider right now. He’ll also discuss essential wealth-building tenets that promise to be useful for the younger members of your family.
  • Investment Director Chris Hunter will provide an up-to-the moment big picture portrait of the goings-on in the overall economy.
  • Strategic partner Joseph McLiney will share his views on the safety, predictability and tax advantages of select municipal bonds. He’ll also provide colorful details on how his own family has shepherded its wealth over multiple generations.
  • I’ll speak on the Bonners’ own family office project and the latest developments in our wealth management and asset allocation plan. We plan on having a total audit of our holdings soon, so this could prove very illuminating. I’ll share the results in June.
  • Joanne will cover the family harmony facets to the wealth-building project. Specifically, she’ll offer some proven tactics that can help your family work together to protect and nurture your family wealth.
  • Jeffrey Radowich of Venable & Associates will detail the crucial “hard structure” side of the family wealth equation. Over the years, Jeffrey has worked with my family on estate planning, tax minimization and offshoring assets. He’ll also discuss ways to pass even more wealth on to your heirs.

We put together a diverse cast of expert speakers that will hit every pressing aspect of the family wealth project.

From the family itself to specific wealth-building tactics to hard and specific inheritance plans… it promises to be an exciting and information-packed event.

And, as you might recall, we held our Family Wealth Symposium on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua earlier this year. Here’s a smattering of member comments regarding that event:

Very informative, with focus on specifics and clarity.”

Honest, forthright, extremely valuable.”

“Filled with actionable ideas, which I can scarcely wait to investigate further and apply.”

What an awesome group of speakers and attendees. You have done something really special here.”

I hope that you enjoy a similar experience in June.

I always enjoy meeting with new members and catching up with old friends. And perhaps my favorite part comes in the private, unplanned conversations with like-minded folks with family situations like my own.

Now let’s move to this invitation’s payment details…

We don’t seek to make big profits from our events, but we do ask that you cover the costs of putting the event on.

If you respond to this invitation today, we’ll extend an Early-Bird Discount off the regular cost.

With this exclusive discount you’ll pay just $1,800 per person, or $2,800 per couple.


We have also negotiated special rates at two hotels within walking distance of the Engineer’s Club. We’ll send these details right after you respond to this invitation so you can secure your accommodation.

As I said a moment ago, attendance has a strict limit.

We don’t want to have to turn anyone away, but we do expect this event to fill up quickly.

So if you’d like to experience this intimate private event firsthand – and benefit from the Early-Bird Discount – you ought to RSVP today.


I hope to see you and your family at the Global Partners’ Reunion in Baltimore.

All the best to you and your family,

Will Bonner
Executive Director
Bonner & Partners Family Office 

P.S. If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to send Emma Walsh an email at [email protected].

We hope to see you and your family in June!