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For most investors, it’s virtually impossible to get a clear understanding of what’s really going on and how you can protect yourself.Wall Street investors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on research and strategic intelligence. Most folks can’t afford that….and good luck getting the real story from CNBC… or the Wall Street Journal… or the “blogosphere”…As Bill puts it, watching the mainstream news is a bit like watching a bad opera. You can tell from all the shrieking that something very important is happening. But you’re missing the plot entirely…

That’s why he’s been building a group of experienced, intelligent, and outspoken investment experts – to explain what is going on and show you how you can protect yourself and profit.

Many of these experts are based here in the U.S. But we also have teams in London, Paris, Bonn, Madrid, Beijing, Mumbai, São Paolo, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, and Melbourne.

Up until now, only Bill has had access to this group’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

For instance, if he wants to know what’s happening in the bond market, he can pick up the phone and call our top bond expert in London. (He’s a highly respected former “City” insider with more than 20 years of experience as a bond trader and fund manager.)

When Bill wants to know more about where commodities are headed… he can talk to people on the ground in the world’s top resource-producing countries.

When he wants to get a better handle on the opportunities in the emerging markets… he can reach out to our team of analysts living full time in India, China, and Brazil.

We’re making these ideas and insights available to you.

We call it the Inner Circle…

Every week, we’ll go through each report, research note, and recommendation produced by Bill’s “brain trust.” Then we’ll compile the best of them in an easy-to-read memo so that you’ll have only the very top ideas direct to your inbox.

We’ll also pass along details of “closed door” strategy conversations between Bill and his global team.