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Bonner Private Portfolio

This elite research service – designed for serious, long-term investors only – is run by one of the top analysts in Bill Bonner’s network – Chris Mayer.

A former corporate banker, Chris is an elite value investor with a network of fund managers following his work.

According to an independent audit, anyone who followed Chris’s recommendations from 2004 to 2014 could have beat the market by 3-to-1… and beat the growth of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway by 2-to-1.

Now he’s sharing his research and recommendations with a small group of Bonner & Partners subscribers.

Every month, Chris scours the market looking for elite businesses trading at good prices. He runs thousands of stocks through his four-point checklist – the C.O.D.E. – talks with his network, visits company headquarters… and more.

Bill Bonner is among those following Chris’ research. Bill was so impressed with Chris’ past success that he’s set aside $5 million of his family trust to invest in Chris’ recommendations.

Subscribers have the chance to get the same research and recommendations that Bill gets… and to buy in 48 hours before he does.