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This new newsletter is unlike anything else published in America today. After 35 years in this industry, Bill Bonner has agreed to share his secrets and insights every month. It’s like having a super-wealthy uncle share his best ideas, insights and wisdom about business, relationships, investments, trends, developments, ideas and more.

 Just like Bill’s new book, Hormegeddon, this new newsletter, The Bill Bonner Letter, could only be written by a man with his wealth, accomplishments, and experience. Someone who has started businesses all over the world… which employ thousands of people… who has made investments on 5 continents… who owns hundreds of thousands of acres of land… who travels well over 100,000 air miles every year… who has acquired more than two dozen businesses… launched over 1,000 products… and sees a dozen different business deals cross his desk every single week.

 Bill isn’t a stock-picker. He’s not going to build a portfolio for you to follow. Instead, he shares insights and ideas about how the business and financial worlds REALLY work. He identifies big opportunities. He shows you where average investors are making big mistakes. He details opportunities he’s interested in personally, and what’s going on with his global business. In short, Bill opens a window to the world of the wealthy that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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Bonner Private Portfolio

This elite research service – designed for serious, long-term investors only – is run by one of the top analysts in Bill Bonner’s network – Chris Mayer.

A former corporate banker, Chris is an elite value investor with a network of fund managers following his work.

According to an independent audit, anyone who followed Chris’s recommendations from 2004 to 2014 could have beat the market by 3-to-1… and beat the growth of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway by 2-to-1.

Now he’s sharing his research and recommendations with a small group of Bonner & Partners subscribers.

Every month, Chris scours the market looking for elite businesses trading at good prices. He runs thousands of stocks through his four-point checklist – the C.O.D.E. – talks with his network, visits company headquarters… and more.

Bill Bonner is among those following Chris’ research. Bill was so impressed with Chris’ past success that he’s set aside $5 million of his family trust to invest in Chris’ recommendations.

Subscribers have the chance to get the same research and recommendations that Bill gets… and to buy in 48 hours before he does.

bonner family office

Bonner & Partners Family Office is an independent research advisory for families who want to preserve and grow wealth over the long term.

Our mission is simple: to share as much as possible about how the Bonner family is protecting its wealth and preparing the next generation to inherit that wealth.

The group is led by Bill Bonner. Bill is the founder of Agora, the editor of the daily Bill Bonner’s Diary newsletter and the author of three New York Times bestselling books on the financial crisis.

He is joined by his eldest son, Will Bonner, the Executive Director of the group. Will is leading his own family’s efforts to establish a lasting family office structure to meet the needs of the next generation of Bonners.

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Chris Mayer's Focus

This elite research service is designed for serious investors only.

Former corporate banker Chris Mayer is an elite value investor with a network of fund managers following his work.

Now he’s sharing his research and recommendations with a small group of Bonner & Partners subscribers.

Every month, Chris will tap into his international network of high-level contacts – including dozens of money managers around the world – in search of investment ideas that meet his exacting criteria.

In this new project, Chris Mayer shares a strategy close to the way he personally invests…

He likes to load his portfolio with a small number of high-quality investments, with the potential to achieve great growth.

And he does it using a strategy he believes could see you increase your gains 1,000% or more.

In short, readers have the chance to follow along as Chris does everything in his power to unearth the small stocks of today with the potential to become the biggest stock market winners of tomorrow.

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